Sunday, November 28, 2010

Miranda Kerr - Treasure Yourself

Hello dear bloggers,

I hope you had a great week-end! I just came back from a great sushi dinner with my lovely friend who moved house recently to another city. We used to meet up pretty much each day and now that she's in town only on certain occasions I treasure each moment we get to see each other even more!
So, to me it's time to write about the book "Treasure Yourself" written by the Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr. I certainly feel intimated by all the VS models, knowing in the back of my mind that each guy on this planet would immediately go for any of the girls if they could only get their hands on them! However, Miranda seems to be a kind-hearted and healthily living person and for that I really appreciate her. She studied nutrition and psychology when she wasn't sure if modeling was her thing. I did not know about her at all but, by chance, I found out about her skin care line Kora Organics. Her products can be purchased online by visiting her side and by doing so I got hooked on her blog that is presented alongside the product page. I started reading it when it just came out and it was very spare at first but by now there are many nutritionists, family members, and Miranda's personal trainer etc. blogging about health care and well-being. I highly recommend checking out her blog!!
I couldn't resist buying her book and I must admit I did not regret the purchase at all. At first I thought it might be a bit cheesy reading "happy notes" by a super model who's "got it all" but it is really very interesting to read what she thinks. It is surely made for teenagers, though, as the chapters are very compact and I got the impression I'm reading one introduction after another when these few pages are actually the whole chapters (approximately 10 pages per chapter!). Only half the book is about Miranda's life and experiences, the other part contains short affirmations to help aquiring a more positive outlook.
Nevertheless, her words reminded me of my state of mind when I am on travels. I seem to have this 'broader perspective' on things and see my possibilities and the goodness of my future very clearly. Once I have settled back down, though, I seem to lose track of this inner sense and I feel taken in by every-day hassles and inconveniences. Reading her book really established a connection to that self-awareness I seem to have merely on my journeys - even though I'm still in my living room right this moment.
(Miranda has a great poem in her book that Audrey Hepburn used to love / I arranged that my garden fairy can watch the flowers on the book, lol. In the background you see the snow on the grass!)

I must admit that I like the fact that the shape of Miranda's face is a tiny bit round - this is a big issue I have with myself! It calms me down, somehow, knowing that this beautiful woman has a heart-shaped face, too... I feel very conscious of my looks at times, especially since I am 'tied to the chair' cause I literally have to study for my exams for months and months and months... it is very draining and it shows in my appearance, posture, and strength. I really can't wait to get out into this world again - but as Miranda says in her book - you can't push through tough times too hard otherwise your abilities won't develop fully leaving you poorly prepared for what's still to come. My biggest weakness is my impatience!

I would like to contribute a pic on her page but I can't decide which one of the three I should pick?! Help me, please :)

Have a great night, I hope that I didn't bug you with my spiritual talk - but once in a while it's time to do so, what do you think?!

Lots of love,
your Sam xxx

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alima Pure - Mineral Foundation & Brush

hello my pretty darls,

I am very eager to write about the Satin Matte Foundation by Alima Pure and the matching Foundation Brush. I've been using the foundation combo for well over two months now almost every day and I must say I am delighted about the way my skin improved! The brand is certified organic and there are no ingredients other than minerals. Normally, when I use foundation my skin gets itchy or greasy after a couple of hours and that would make me go insane. Since I got to know the Rouge Bunny Rouge line these incidents have decreased but RBR is too expensive to wear each day exclusively. So, the compromise I came up with is that I use Alima Pure to university & work and RBR for getting ready to going out :) The Alima Pure powder foundation blends in seamlessly and I forget I'm wearing it 10 minutes after application. My shade is neutral 3 - there is a wide variety of colours to choose from, which I love cause my skin tone keeps changing depending on the season and the country I am living in that year. As the Satin Matte Foundation contains minerals only it doesn't go off for years unless nothing touches the inside of the dose. So it's advisable to dust some powder onto the inside of the lid or onto a tissue and dip'n swirl the contents on the brush from there.
I strongly recommend getting the Foundation Brush, too, because it is an exceptionally high quality beauty tool. The hair is really dense and soft - it feels great and is very pretty looking! I washed it several times and it's still in its fine condition. The web-page gives information on how to take care of the brushes properly here.
The only downside that comes to my mind is that the lid of the powder broke after the first couple of times I've opened it. Since then the lid is gradually cracking further, which means that I can't take it with me on travels :(    

I'm so glad I found out about this brand! Do you know Alima Pure?! I would like to know how the other products are working. 

All the best you guys!
Talk to you soon - ur Sam xx

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I just read on that Alicia Silverstone is recommending Alima Pure, too! She is a gorgeous woman who took the time to explain to my uncle's godchild (11yrs old) at a charity event that, even though being vegetarian is important and animal-friendly, eating fish is substantial for maintaining a healthy body, especially for a person growing up. Since then my uncle's godchild eats fish cause "Alicia said so"!! I think that is great, thank you Alicia :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Guest Post on Zuneta

Hello my dears,

how are you doing?! I have written a guest post talking about three beautiful products on Zuneta.

Please follow the link above to read the full review on:
  • Specialist Fly-Away Control Stick by Cutler
  • Blitz Gold Leaf eye shadow by Belmacz
  • Hues of Enchantment- Colour Burst Lipstick by Rouge Bunny Rouge

Hope to hear/read/see from you soon! You're great :)
Best, Sam xx