Wednesday, September 28, 2011

† The City of Prague Picture Story

Dear readers,

I just had a look at my blog and realized that I have totally missed out on telling you about a wonderful trip I have taken recently! I caught up with my darling American friend in Prague and we had the most wonderful time there (she looks a lot like Jennifer Love Hewitt by the way but I am not allowed to show her to you - she's shy!).
The sun was shining brightly every day and we were assured that this was a special occurrence - so we felt even more blessed to experience this town from its most gorgeous side :-)

Here are some of our views, hope you enjoy and feel inspired to visit Eastern Europe, too. I can't believe I've never been there before:

above 2: this is the view from the central tower overlooking the city center. Underneath the big place you see on the first picture is actually an amazing underground museum on the history of Prague. They found practically the entire old town way below the ground level you see today. I highly recommend anyone visiting the city to go have a look - it's way more exciting and vibrant than you might think! I am still fascinated by this experience, they've done a marvelous job down there!!

 above 3: these pictures you get to take just by doing some sightseeing - amazing! 

above: this is one of the many characteristic café's in Prague. The restaurants are typically underground - just like it used to be many centuries ago around there.

above 2: the old castle and some nuns making a photo shoot on the stairway! They acted just like ordinary tourists - all excited and jittery, too cute!!

above 2: my outfits were convenient but with an ongoing theme - I chose dark red/burgundy colors for day and night time and wore big dark sunglasses to shield from the sun, while still remaining feminine in my overall appearance and not too bulky. This is how I imagine an Eastern European women to be like! 
(haha, note the bike riding guy in the background - wonder what he is thinking ;] )

My make-up brand of choice was my beauty evergreen pick Rouge Bunny Rouge. As their story takes place at an enchanted garden in Russia (or so I believe) I thought their products would make the perfect match for my journey to Prague. I took my decadent duos with me, my blush sticks, and many more items! Check out my previous posts on the brand for reviews. 

Have you ever been somewhere new and returned totally blown-away by this unexpected direct hit?! Tell me all about it, where are your most favorite locations, girls? 

Much love to you,
Sam xx

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Italian Spirit ~ ~ ~

Hello my fellow travelers,

where have you been this summer? I've been in Bella Italia by the sea ~ ~ ~ ~ what a wonderful August it was but full of work, too. I am open to new possibilities when it comes to my professional career. This last month was a wonderful time to reflect on many questions I've had and working my hardest on all kinds of projects while spending a good deal on the sunny side of life, too :-)

I haven't bought many products last month, I will need to think of new posts soon. Maybe go shopping... ;-)

Love you all, let's stay in touch! 
ur gypsy xx