Friday, June 25, 2010

My Rouge Bunny Rouge Reviews on Zuneta

Hey darls,

I wrote two product reviews on, which is an online beauty boutique that, in my eyes, really stands out. The people at Zuneta ship samples of their items literally all over the world to please their customers and answer to every question. In general, I have the feeling that they try to make the internet as 'homey' feeling as possible, an idea that I completely share. They have a beauty clinic that gives logged in users advice on colors and formulations that match their individual needs. What I also find very useful are the beauty blogs in which many people guest blog and give their honest opinion on the products they've tried. I particularly took advantage of Zuneta TV. Here, make-up artists are giving directions on how to use their products in the best way possible and they are concerned that women of every ethnicity get useful information. (I would recommend that you have a look on for 'ZunetaBeauty' as there are loads of videos you can't find on the Zuneta page) Because of this and their excellent product range I decided to support their beauty cause.
I came across this web-page because I was looking for new items on a brand called Rouge Bunny Rouge. It is a fairly newcomer brand that unfortunately did not succeed amongst the giant make-up brands in some European countries. Therefore, it is very hard to get hands on their products. Zuneta is the only online boutique that ships RBR worldwide.
My order included the tinted moisturizer 'Sketches on Water' and the bronzing powder 'As if it Were Summer Still...'. As you can see the products have very playful names, which are based on the brand theme. In their imagination a Victorian princess is creating an enchanting garden. Each product reflects a part of this magical world and has a flower design pattern that represents an active plant ingredient. RBR tries to combine natural ingredients alongside the well-known substances that are used in ordinary make-up. To me, this is the best compromise for the time being as all natural cosmetic products just don't do the job for me. I have very problem-prone skin and often this shows on my face. The science around pure organic make-up is not advanced well enough, yet, to cover up all the imperfections that I've got. In skin-care I rely on organic formulation only but during the day this compromise is the best I can do. I was bugging a very friendly Global PR & Marketing Manager of RBR and she reassured me that they put far less substances of concern (like silicons) into their formulation than the big brands (most of them belonging to the giant L'oreal anyway...).

You can find the product reviews here:

As if it were summer still...:

Sketches on water:

Also, on the RBR facebook page one of my reviews was featured!!/rougebunnyrouge

To end this post I show you a picture of the RBR items that I've got. Definitely, there's more reviews on this brand to come! If you are interested in any product in particular I can write a review just for you! What are your opinions on alternatives to the big stores and brands?! Do you know Zuneta or RBR and what do you think of their appearance?

Much love from gypsy land xxx

Thursday, June 24, 2010

my first!!

Hello there,

this is my first ever blog entry and I am very excited about this!! I got in contact recently with bloggers and ever since I got hooked!

I won't tell too much about myself at this stage because I am eager to find out how everything works first and if this blog is gonna be a success at all... well, I actually enjoy it when people try to guess my nationality, age, and so forth (no-one has been right, yet!).

My motto is being a gypsy character and I'm telling you about stories that are on my mind. If I catch your interest I'm gonna ask my fellow gypsy friends from around the world if they help me posting, so that this is gonna be a fun interactive experience for all :)

My first challenge was to record a video introducing me and my little concept... I NEVER in my life sounded that dumb, naive, and childlike before!! So, my dear blogging fellows, I am from now on admiring you for your skills even more!

I think that humor is a good way of breaking the ice, so I decided to share this horrid video experience with you. I hope I will get better in no time, so that you can see what I'm really like.
This bad recording is heavily out of sync and kinda unreal but in an awkward sense this fits my motto :)

I am not a native English speaker, so please bear with me!

Be good,
much love xxx