Thursday, June 24, 2010

my first!!

Hello there,

this is my first ever blog entry and I am very excited about this!! I got in contact recently with bloggers and ever since I got hooked!

I won't tell too much about myself at this stage because I am eager to find out how everything works first and if this blog is gonna be a success at all... well, I actually enjoy it when people try to guess my nationality, age, and so forth (no-one has been right, yet!).

My motto is being a gypsy character and I'm telling you about stories that are on my mind. If I catch your interest I'm gonna ask my fellow gypsy friends from around the world if they help me posting, so that this is gonna be a fun interactive experience for all :)

My first challenge was to record a video introducing me and my little concept... I NEVER in my life sounded that dumb, naive, and childlike before!! So, my dear blogging fellows, I am from now on admiring you for your skills even more!

I think that humor is a good way of breaking the ice, so I decided to share this horrid video experience with you. I hope I will get better in no time, so that you can see what I'm really like.
This bad recording is heavily out of sync and kinda unreal but in an awkward sense this fits my motto :)

I am not a native English speaker, so please bear with me!

Be good,
much love xxx


  1. You speak great english.. and your video is great for a first video. You have a lovely voice! xx

  2. Thank you so much, hon!! In fact, YOU've got this smokey voice to die for!! So excited you mentioned me in your blog xxx