Monday, October 18, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Pencils - Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner & Feline Gaze Eye Kohl

Hello lovelies,

how has your week been so far?! I'm having a pretty rough time as I need to take exams until April (!!) and I am already ready for making off to the Bahamas!!
My week-end got a lot brighter, though, when I found the Rouge Bunny Rouge Devotion Ink Quartz Eyeliner - tiger eye essence and the new blue shade vera from the Feline Gaze Eye Kohl pencils in my mail for review! Thank you, Nadin from RBR :-)

To be honest with you, I am extremely clueless on how to achieve a Brigitte Bardot cat eye using a liquid eye liner... I am desperate to try, though! I am used to kohl pencils (well, my so-called method of choice is to smudge them until they look 'sassy' on groomed days and 'grunge' on most other days...)

As you can see, my little garden fairy loves them as much as I do ~

(I know that my little cutie has quite an issue with her wings. She keeps abandoning them each time I try to glue'em back on her. So, I decided to just leave her be...)

Vera is a beautiful shade, perfect for Autumn and Winter months! This looks like Arabian nights to me! The describtion states: "A creamy frosted blue-violet iris with a coal-dust colour base", which I would absolutely agree with. The kohl pencil is actually longer lasting than the liquid eye liner but both are not fading throughout the day (I tested it without using a base).

The colour of the tiger eye essence is just like it is described on the web-page: "Dilute black ink base, lavished with 24 carat gold and polished copper, for an overall bursting with glitter, black-bronze holographic effect." Perfect!! It gives your outfit an oriental glam touch, too, I would say. The tip is pretty solid and doesn't slip off the lash line, so even a beginner like me can work with that, lol! Because it was still morning, I only did a very fine line but you see - it's possible to do so - you can always build up on that for night time.
On another note:

This is what I was cooking myself last night - veggies with salmon, spices, lemon juice, and lemon balm. It takes about 15 mins to make but it is really yummy and healthy! What foods do you like to prepare for yourselves? I really ignored cooking for the longest time and can't wait to finally get started! Do you have any suggestions?!
Are you guys tuning up for the changing of the seasons, too?!
Much love always, Sam xx

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  1. Oh - your food looks delicious:)

  2. Thank you so much, hon xx I can't wait to catch up on all those recipes that mingle on my waiting list for ages!! Luckily, it's never late to start :)

  3. I'm just like you. I try and try to do that cat eye but it looks horrible! even with a pencil! I have to try out more :P

  4. Ah, babe, are you serious?! You are the young Brigitte Bardot, you need to know how to do this ;-) I wish there'd be a workshop available called something like: "A fool-proof guide on how to become a stunning retro beauty". We should sign up for that one then, lool xx

  5. I really like the look of Vera, I have one of their pencil liners and really like it so will have to pick up this one at some point.
    I love my Tiger eye essence, I really want to get the light purple/lilac one they do, think it would be nice for christmas.
    The food looks yummy :)

  6. Hello Replica, yes, purple/lilac shades are perfect for winter!! I am looking forward to try the liquid liner further, I'm a newbie with those. I finally got the Snowberry cleanser btw and I am loving it!! Been using it for two weeks and my skkin feels so much better than with Avène. Thanks for liking my cooking :-) xxx

  7. Hi Sam,
    So glad you like the Snowberry cleanser :) its a shame the range is not more readily available really.

  8. You're so right!! I am lucky to know a store in my proximity that has the entire snowberry range in stock. I discovered the brand there by chance.
    Much love, Sam xx

  9. Great swatches dear!
    And that blue liner looks gorgeous!!!


  10. Beautiful! Both of these are on my wishlist and I think Vera looks absolute gorgeous on you.

    Thank you for the great review and pictures, good luck with all of your exams.
    Jane xx

  11. Dear Tina & Jane, thank you so much for your lovely comments!! How are you doing?! I hope great!! I am so happy I got the Vera pencil in time for the cold/cozy/smokey season! I'm gonna wear it a lot!! Yes, I just keep studying every day and hope it's gonna be enough :) Much love, Sam xx

  12. YUM! That looks delicious!
    Im supposed to be packing but im stalking your blog (taking a break! Loved your zuneta article.. great work!! :) ) im soooo loving my tiger eyes essence eyeliner. I just wish they were a bit less expensive. I spend a lot of money on my make-up but even I have limits and RBR is just a bit too expensive for what it is!... eyeshadows are fine because they last FORVER lol but eyeliner.. I use so much its just too expensive a habbit!! xxox

  13. My dearest Tali, thank you so much for liking my post and for keeping your bags waiting!! Where are you going to, hon?!
    I totally agree with you - RBR products are great but insanely steep priced! Right now there is the opportunity to load up on RBR at as they sell the brand half-priced until next Thursday ;)
    Much love xxx