Friday, December 24, 2010

Self-Made X-Mas Gifts

Hello lovelies,

this year I made a lot of Christmas gifts myself and matched them with various presents that I bought for my family and friends.
I'd like to share 2 ideas with you.

1. Lip Balm:

I created my own lip balm and put them into little containers that I picked for each person individually. I found an Asian box, some retro boxes from the 50's & 60's, and an oriental container.
The ingredients for the lip balm:
- 40 ml beeswax
- 60 ml Almoond oil
- some splashes of rose water
- 4 drops eucalyptus oil
you heat it up in a stove until it's fully blended and then spill it into the little balm boxes. Let the substance cool off before you use it. Done!

2. Chocolate Plate:

I melted white chocoloate in a bowl that was placed in stove filled with water. I added poppy seeds to the melted white chocolate and spreaded the mix evenly on a tall plate. Next I prepared the same mix with dark chocolate and added cinnamon, clove, and pepper to the liquid chocolate. Then I created some stars and a semi circle with the dark mixture. I let it cool off and it is ready for transport in a cardboard box.

Did you create some self-made goodies for your folks? Do you like this better or do you prefer presents bought in a store?

I wish you'all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!! I am so happy I created this blog because it is just so delightful to meet you here! Thank you for bringing so much happiness into my life!!

Love, Sam xx

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