Sunday, July 31, 2011

Next Stop - Bella Italia!

Hi folks,

I am by far the worst job hunter I have ever come across... instead of working my ass off to earn a proper living I am taking advantage of the situation and travel all over the world to meet with friends :-) I am spending the entire August on Italy's sunny coast with a friend I worked with in my former job!! Oh well, she wants to help me out with work-related things but there will be a lot of fun and sightseeing in the meantime :-)

Beauty Confessions:
There is one urgent question I have to ask you: Is this too much blue even for a gypsy like me?!
Honestly, I think so! This outfit won't be making it into my suitcase - what was I thinking wearing that??

top: Victoria's Secret cami
skirt: Old Navy
shoes: Tamaris (second hand)
clutch: Lucky Brand (gift)
bag: no name (gift)

Girls (& boys if there are any), I have another beauty confession to make: I am not wearing much make-up anymore and I quite like my effortless look even though I miss my coral summer lips and my dark smokey eyes at times... but since I have turned to organic skincare and groceries I am feeling much more comfortable in my own skin. Something has changed, I can't really put my hands on it, yet. It could be multiple reasons: simply me growing up, or the awareness of nourishing the self, or the many nutrients of natural products...

This is how I look on most days now, except my nails are much stronger and longer (took this pic 2 months ago and trimmed the nails prior to guitar lessons):

Do you have any beauty confessions to make? This is the place for sharing them! :)

Lots of love, sunshine, & happiness
ur Sam xx


  1. Hey there!!!
    You are sooooo lucky to spend your time in Italy!!! Im dreaming about Italy all the time. I was living there few years ago and my parents are still there:) Every year Im going to visit them, just this time they are comming to UK to visit me:)
    About your confessions;D In my opinion your outfit is great, I would change only shoes. I don't know why, but I think that for example in nude shoes you would look much more better! Or if you want summery loook you can try yellow, green - colour blocking style:)
    About make up.. Even if Im crazy about it, I never wear heavy make up:) Only on special ocations:) I prefer natural look and in my opinion the aim of make up is to highlight your natural beauty:)

  2. Wow, so you know your way around in Italy, that is awesome!! I am so happy that you get to share your life with your family even though you are living apart.
    Gosh, you are so right about the shoes!! Thank you a thousand times for taking the time to advise me on this matter!
    I even make the experience that people approach you more naturally when your make-up is not overdone. I like the subtle style but I am definitely enjoying wearing crafty make-up when the occasion allows me to do so. We get the best of both worlds that way, yay :-)
    Talk to you soon, hon, it's always the greatest pleasure to speak to you xxx

  3. Just wanted to sau hello!:)
    Hope you are ok,

  4. Supergirl, I miss you!! Thank you a thousand times for checking on me - I am doing great, how are you doing, sweetheart?! I am working with a friend in a wonderful but remote location in Italy. We are super busy, so we have zero time besides doing little trips to towns and the sea side each day. Sorry for not keeping you up to date for so long! I'm gonna be home by the end of August. Talk to you soon, hon xxx