Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Brush Collection: ~ Wipe Wipe Away ~

My dears,

the time has finally come: I made time to publish a long scheduled blog post!! I am terribly sorry for my prolonged absence but believe me, please, my life is crazy busy and if I have to decide between reading your posts or writing a post - I surely decide for your updates most of the time!!

Tonight, I'd like to share my brush collection with you. They are my go-to helpers for every day use but they feel extremely decadent as well :-) The nicest thing is that I own most of those brushes for a long time and can ensure you that they last almost forever!

Alima Pure:

Maybe my mostly used tool of all times: the #25 foundation brush - a wonderfully reliable part of my morning routine which helps me to get an easy (and environmentally-friendly) start to the day :) I can't wait to get more products by this brand. What I know so far is sensational! The company uses only the best natural ingredients that work wonders on my skin and they never test on animals. I am indeed grateful for their truly considerate approach which is so rare these days...

If you ever read my blog you know that I am all over this brand!! The brushes are no exception: those little fairy helpers come in beautiful arty zip bags and look as good as new no matter how often I use them. They are expensive but well worth the extra costs as they are the most beautiful tools I've seen and I never go look for replacements :) My darlings are called: large shader 003, face contour 012, eye liner 008, crease 011.


Benefit brushes really do the trick and are pretty all-rounders. You can tell from how many I've got! Even though their range is not as bis as Mac, for example, I think they picked the best shapes for most occasions. This concepts works well for me at least... My choices: concealer brush, fantail brush, foundation brush, fluff shadow brush (awesome!), shadow liner brush, slant powder brush

A word of warning! The angled liner shadow brush hurts on the sensitive lash line! The soft focus shadow brush is divine, though, and the funky rock'n roll brush is too hot to be true - love it :-)

this brand is not very widely-known but it is a high-quality company that I like a lot. Dianne's style is awesome and a little kinky, too ;) I've got the eye-liner/lip brush (which I use for lips only - I love it as it is bigger than most other lip pencils which can make my lip line look too harsh), the small foundation precision brush, as well as the smoky eye liner brush.


I am not the biggest MAC fan as they use harsh chemicals in their products (even though they work extremely well because of that - that's why I still got plenty of MAC products for special occasions, like going out etc..). The brushes are insanely good, though! I happen to use those two the most often and think that they never got copied quite as well by other brands: the 219 pencil brush and the 214 short shader brush.

I store my brushes in a washable case with a lid to protect my brushes from dust. How do you store your make-up utensils?

All the best to you,
I love you all!
ur Sam xx


  1. Nice post!!! You have a lot of great brushes!
    I did a post about my brushes storage, you can see it here:
    And welcome back, I came back after long break as well:)
    Best wishes,
    xo xo

  2. Your storage idea is just lovely!! You are a very creative girl, wow!! I should do that, too, it's so very pretty :-)
    So good to hear from you, my blog wouldn't be the same without your precious input! What have you been up to, hon?
    Big hug xx

  3. Thanks dear!:)
    I have so many things going on in my life, many changes, problems and so on:) Now at least everything sorted, I can relax again:)
    Hope you are ok and you had great Easter!
    xo xo

  4. Hey lovely,

    so sorry for replying to you so late!! As you can guess I have a lot going on, too, and it is difficult at times to keep my things in order. I am always always happy to hear from you, thank you a thousand times for being the wonderful person that you are!!

    Much love,
    Sam xx