Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Miranda Kerr inspired ~ Noni Juice

Hello darlings,

I don't have time to surf the internet a lot lately but I am all over the Kora Organics blog by the lovely Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr. The beautiful lady herself and many other fantastic guest bloggers contribute to spread her passion for a healthy and mindful life style. I noticed that when I first started my little blog I had something very similar in mind: getting together with all those wonderful people I know to share their insights on the beauty and fashion industry on this blog. Until I finally get going with that I am following her blog instead!! There, Miranda states that she drinks Noni juice ever since she was twelve years old and that it is a key ingredient to her Kora Organics skin care line (that I desperately wanna try btw!!).

In my local organic supermarket I found 100% Cook Islands Noni Juice for about 12 Euros. I deliberately chose a gross color to highlight this juice because it taste unlike anything I would normally drink!! Despite the awful taste I managed to drink two sips each morning for two weeks now.

This is what the GSE - Cook Islands web side writes about Noni:

"We are the first company in Europe to be able to offer a certified organic juice from the Noni fruit in accordance with the European Law, the Council Regulation. The product is
sold by the name Cook Islands Noni® and is certified organic. The Cook Islands claim to be „the only fully organic farming region in the world“. The use of pesticides and herbicides is not allowed on any of the islands. Cook Islands Noni® is a product of the intact environment of this small group of islands."

What I found on Wikipedia did not sound that positive. Repeated studies did not find any positive effect on the well-being of people volunteering to take part in validating examinations. That's why all manufacturers are prohibited to label the juice as "health-promoting". Nonetheless, I am drinking the juice for a fortnight and I have to say that I feel like my body craves the juice despite the taste!! It's really hard to describe but I haven't skipped a single intake since I started!! Anyone help me explain that, please?! Did you ever had a similar experience?

My personal theory to make sense of that oddity is that the Noni juice does contain some minerals that other fancy juices and foods in every day life may not have to that extend. Even though it might not "heal" anything, it does contribute to get all the various nutritions a healthy body needs. What do you think on that matter?! Am I just superstitious??

Much love,
Sam xx


  1. Thank you hon!! I'm so glad you stopped by to read my post! It was fun writing it :-)
    Have a wonderful day xxx

  2. NONI JUICE IS AMAZING!!!!! I'm glad your hooked too =)

  3. Thank you! Since when are you drinking it? xx