Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge - Glide Concealer vs. Luminous Skin Wand (& Outfit)

Hello my dears,

it took me a little longer to create this post because I tried to do another video but it turned out so badly that I figured for days whether to put it up or leave it! As I had taken no pictures to substitute the purpose of the video I decided to include it after all... you don't know what I'm talking about? How could you :)

So, I better start from the beginning:

I was kindly sent the newest release by Rouge Bunny Rouge, the 'Naked Disguise' Glide Concealer crayon (shade: thalia). As I already own the standard concealer, the 'Fine-Spun Light' Luminous Skin Wand (shade: orionis; see previous post), I decided to compare the two with each other.

Here's what they look like:

As you can read on the official RBR web-page, the Luminous Skin Wand has by far more active ingredients than the crayon and I must say that there is a lot of paraffin in the Glide Concealer (see ingredients' list on Zuneta). The Luminous Skin Wand is, of course, more creamy in texture than the stick but neither of them leave me with a dry feeling or settle into my wrinkles. I hate it how bad concealers make wrinkles even more visible! I think the crayon is a little faster to apply because you can just dot in onto the skin, whereas, when using the Luminous Skin Wand, you have to push out the concealer first and then apply it with the brush end (as you do with the Touche Eclat by Ives Saint Laurent).

Trial phase:

I put both concealers to a test and applied one under the right eye and the other one under the left eye in the morning and waited till late at night to compare the two. That being said, when I came home after a long day at university and having one glass of champagne with my friends (we celebrated the results of our theses in a café/bar/restaurant on a Monday night, lol), both concealers had faded almost entirely. I would've definitely needed a touch-up during the day!! The shadows under my eyes showed through like crazy: you can see that in the video, I look like I've been robbing a bank or some other draining activity like that... At least I could show that they came off without leaving any nasty residues. To me this is crucial: I don't wanna feel and look masked by any "beauty" products.

So, this video shows the dreadful late-night test result, beware:

I would say that the Glide Concealer crayon is good for traveling and for actually doing those quick'n easy touch-ups I should've been doing (!!) and it's definitely more suitable for buildable coverage.
The Luminous Skin Wand is the better choice for every-day treatment and concealing as it has a lot of nourishing components and is very light-weight.

Last note on my outfit:

This is what I wore on Monday - it was sunny but windy and a little chilly outside. I'm definitely preparing for Autumn already :( Sorry for the weird pose, I couldn't quite squeeze into my photo booth!!

Jacket - Dunlop (one of my best friends gave this to me. The jacket has a lot of details, very nice! She got it from a model wear sale where they sell the runway clothes very cheaply. It was such a great surprise present!)
Shirt - Mustang (a Christmas gift from my dad - well done, daddy!)
Jeans - Killah (this pair has been "customized": I removed the big Killah logo because I loath looking like a moving advertisement and one fine day I decided that I have too many blue jeans (am I nuts?!), so I dyed 'em black. Now they're my blue/black no-logo "Killah" jeans...)
Shoes - Jumelles (no story, just bought them :) lol)

What do you think of the concealers, would you prefer one over the other? Do you have days when you tell yourself: "bad hair, bad brows, bad everything!" and is it intimidating to you when people watch you doing touch-ups in public? Have you ever felt like turning your outfits into something completely new?!

Great to hear from you,
Sam xx

P.S.: I included the option of answering questions via Formspring. Hope to see you there, too!!


  1. Great idea to do the late night video! VEry good post! Loved it and loved the review. I dont use concealers but I always am curious about the rouge bunny rouge liquid one!! x

  2. Hon, your opinion means so much, thank you!! You're a natural beauty, no doubt you're not in need of a concealer, babe! However, if you do like to try a RBR one to play with ;) I would also recomment the liquid one to you. It feels most pleasant and the vitamins and plant extracts are beneficial to the skin. Talk to you soon xx

  3. Very nice review!
    I wouldn't want to imagine how they'd perform on the hotter and more humid climates/days...!
    Thnx hun!


  4. Thank you, Tina!! So so happy that you like my post, hon!!
    Unfortunately, summer seems to be over irreversibly :( but I did use the Luminous Skin Wand over the hotter months and I think it had the same effect - it just disappears over time... If I want to set concealer I put some compact powder on top and this makes it last longer. But in general I always look like a rotten potato once I get home. I doubt that any make-up can ever change that unless it gets tattooed on my face, ha ha :)

  5. I'm disappointed that Rouge Bunny Rouge isn't available in the States...unless someone can tell me otherwise. Also, I love those shoes in the picture.

  6. Hello K, you can place international orders on They have the full RBR range in stock. Thank you for liking my shoes, they weren't expensive at all and they are pretty comfy, yay :)