Sunday, July 25, 2010

Quick Morning Make-Up

Hello dear readers,

I uploaded a video on my easy morning make-up whenever I'm in a hurry. I am so sorry for the bad quality of the recording (my photo booth's gone mad) and, for some reason, my face looks humongous in the video, argh!! Plus, I'm still acting like a retard, I need A LOT of practice - I adore you people for making such great videos!!

Products I used were:
Clinique - Cream shaper for eyes (16 mink)
Rouge Bunny Rouge - Luminous skin wand (orionis)
Rouge Bunny Rouge - Flawless face powder (piano forte) - sent to me by RBR for trial
Rouge Bunny Rouge - Original skin blush (36 orpheline)
MAC - Tinted lip conditioner SPF 15 (gentle coral)
Avène - Thermal water

How do you feel seeing yourself on the computer screen??! Do you experience strange bloated face days from time to time or is it just me?!

ur Sam xx


  1. You have beautiful skin, wish mine were like that!
    I don't think your face looks bloated, I think we all see ourselves differently and sometimes negatively when really there is nothing wrong.
    Ive had that Avene spray before but used it as a toner, never though to use it to set makeup, may have to try that!
    Now you are making me think I need that RBR face powder, is that the lightest shade?

  2. Hello darl, thank you so so much for your kind words!! I was seriously considering deleting the video cause I do not look like myself in this one!! I'm gonna use imovie next time, see if that works better than the photo booth app...
    I haven't tried the powder for long but I can say by now that it is wonderful both in coverage and feel! I like powders that make the skin look more even without covering it up completely. My summer freckles still show :)
    This is one of the two lighter shades. Piano Forte is a "pale milky beige with subtle apricot tones" and Piano is "pale beige with peach tones". Both are medium coverage. RBR has two slightly darker shades but they all come off very natural. For tanned skin in summer I would recommend one of the bronzing powders that are sheer enough to use as an all-over face powder as well. I have both bronzing shades, too. If you like, I'm happy to send you pics, so you can compare the shades.
    Thanks again for your opinion!!
    Love, Sam

  3. P.S.: Yes, the Avène spray does a great job! I wouldn't have thought of this use myself but it said it on the package leaflet ;)

  4. Hi Sam,
    Thanks, I have the lighter bronzing powder and really like it!
    I'll add the face powder to my RBR "want" list, I wonder if they will come out with any new items soon, seems its been a while ?
    I'll make sure to pick up some more Avene and see if it works for setting makeup for me.
    Will look forward to any future videos you do x

  5. Hi Replica, you are so nice, thank you!! I really love to read your blog posts, it's so great to hear you liked my video :)
    Yes, the RBR powder range is fairly limited compared to most other brands. I'm lucky that their colour selections suit me.
    The Avene thermal water comes in different sizes. The smalles is best for trying out and travelling. I've got this one as well!
    Many greets, Sam xx

  6. I wonder if RBR comes to the States...I've heard you and Tali say great things about it, and it makes me want to try it. But I'm not willing to pay $60 in shipping fees from Zuneta. :/ The video was great too, by the way.

  7. Hey K, I so understand your shipping frustration! I think Zuneta has lowered their international shipping fees recently and from time to time they have special offers on shipping or product prices. I look out for those, too, and only buy when I get a little deal!!
    What you can also try, since you have a blog, is to guest blog on Zuneta. Maybe you get an item or two for free that way. Just ask them on the zuneta weg page. Good luck!!
    And - thank you so so much for liking my video :-)
    Ur Sam xx