Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Swimwear I've Been Loving This Summer

Hey everyone,

as long as the sun is shining I'd like to share which kinds of bikini's, bathing suits, and bathing accessories I went for this summer:

This year's favorite of mine was the French label Princess Tam Tam. The colorful bikini on the lower left corner comes with a little matching clutch and the green burlesque style bikini (I'm wearing it on pic below) is my absolute must-have for this season, even though I got it a while back - I just never got the chance to wear it properly! The strapless red bathing suit looks really sophisticated when worn with the pareo and sun glasses.
What I also liked to wear to the beach (on as tanned skin as possible!!) was the little white bikini by the Italian brand Verdissima. The embroidery is very delicate and feminine and I matched this style with some inexpensive sun-glasses (but they don't look it & I've got them on Waikiki!!) and the big white beach bag by the French label Chacok that comes with a cute purse.
One thing I have to say beside the fact that these little beach treats totally enhance my vacation fun: They come with a water-resistant bag and tons of plastic (= water-resistant) labels telling the new owner how to take care of them. Aside from the usual directions saying that you should wash them delicately after each use with mild soap, they also say that you should not get them in contact with chlorine water - which is basically present in every single swimming pool on this planet!! I confess, I am not an expert on textiles, but isn't it a little much to ask of the customer to not swim in a pool in order to keep the garments looking good?! The way they promote it, they're saying that I shouldn't get too close to the water front with their stuff apart from the labels and the wrapping :( I still did and I can't complain, the quality of the swimwear remains nice but, really, this warning should be eliminated!

Here's a pic of me wearing the shimmering green Princess Tam Tam bikini:

What have you been wearing this summer? Do your bikinis come with the same weird directions for use?

Much love and enjoy the sun to the fullest,
your Sam xx


  1. Thanks for the link! I LOVE that green swimsuit, it's so gorgeous and fun but not like BAM immature print, you know?


  2. Thank you so much, hon xxx
    Yeah, I like this particular retro style as well! It's not too much in your face but rather unique and wearable. I still feel like from this world :)

  3. Love that green bikini, I've always loved the retro swimsuit styles. Cute blog!

  4. Hi Monica, that is so nice of you, thanks! You've got a great blog yourself, I've just discovered it :)

  5. The green bikini is great! I love it too:)

  6. Thank you so much, hon xxx Glad you like it!! Yeah, green is rather different, I needed to get this one :-)