Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dianne Brill - lip gloss, body cream, & brushes

Hello summer lovers,

I hope all is well and you enjoy some lovely days!! I am gonna post about a fairly uncommon brand- the beauty range of Dianne Brill who was an It-girl and model for Vivienne Westwood and the like... she even wrote her own books (quality aside: "Boobs, Boys and High Heels"), which I would never bother to read... her make-up and fragrance line is superb, though! I LOVE the lip-glosses, they are wrapped like little truffles and are very nourishing for the lips. The color stays nice for a long time compared to other conventional lip glosses. It's a fun purchase, for sure! I've got the Vitamin Treatment Lip Gloss with patented lip plumper in pinoir, a pinky shade. Unfortunately, you can't really see it well on the pictures. The lighting is just impossible and I look horrible- my apologies!! (I was super frustrated cause I'd been trying so hard to make the Korres Watermelon Tinted Moisturizer work for me - but I just couldn't! I liked the powdery consistency so much but it settled unevenly on my skin, ugh!)
Anyways, back to Dianne Brill... my absolute favorite is the Body Cream! It has that delicious scent of spices, woods, and exotic fruits. The cream melts right into the skin but leaves no shimmer. I would definitely prefer the Body Cream over the fragrance because it smells much more delicate and special!
Moreover, I treated myself to two brushes: The Smokey Eye Liner and the Eye Liner/Lip brush. They are real quality brushes, I feel like they are "indestructible". I use the lip brush all the time (for lips only, though, otherwise it would not be very hygienic) because unlike other lip brushes the tip is fairly wide and makes it possible to apply a good amount of product onto the lips. The eye liner brush is not my favorite, I get along better with the MAC 219 for the purpose of a smoked out effect around the lash line. The Dianne Brill brush would be ideal for precision application of eye shadow into the crease. I just hardly ever do that.

What are you guys doing tonight? Watching the World Cup games?!
Do you have days when you feel disappointed in a product you had high hopes in but you realize it's just missing that certain edge?!

much love,
Sam xx

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