Saturday, July 3, 2010

Arriving ~ The Reason why I became a blogger - A RBR eye make-up query!

Welcome dear ladies,

I am so excited that lovely Tali of The Gloss Gloss mentioned my gypsy blog in one of her recent posts! Seriously, she is the reason why I started blogging in the first place...
This little tale goes like this:

A while ago I threw out most of my make-up collection because I was sick of finding tons of unloved make-up and skin "care" products in every corner. I realized that my skin is far too sensitive to cope with the amount of chemicals I was putting on my face on a daily basis. Ugh!

The brands, however, I could not say good-bye to were:

- Benefit
- Rouge Bunny Rouge
- Dianne Brill
- Mac
- Becca
- Bare Minerals
- The Balm
- some Clarins, Clinique, Biotherm, and Avène

I'm gonna post reviews of these brands in upcoming posts...

Ok, so after everything else went straight into the garbage bags I realized that I actually did not get along well with my RBR eyeshadows 'When Birds Are Singing...' (I've got 7 of them!!) and my 2 RBR 'Smithereens of Stars' eye-glosses. I had been using all the crappy eye-shadows each day and now that I got only my "favorite" products left - I had no clue how to make them work!!

As RBR meanwhile seemed to have disappeared from the European market there was no sales assistant available that I could ask how to prevent my eye-products from settling into my crease. My only hope was to google the brand... and what I found was a you tube video recorded by Tali discussing her RBR haul ( From her I learned that still carries the line and there was absolutely no hope for pimping the eye glosses. Great, this information could've saved me A LOT of money early on!! What I do to calm me down is that I still use'em on my brows and the inner corners of my eyes where the sticky gel consistency cannot do much harm... Tali had absolutely no problem with the shadows, though, which made me wonder what I did wrong (I did not have an account to ask questions at this stage). Still bothered by the lack of eye-color variety on my lids I continued to surf the world wide web, ultimately signing up for because it was so interesting to read Tali's reviews and opinions daily. Later on I took a look around who else was there. I found these beautiful fairy eyes by Replica on her Visionary Beauty blog ( I was so stunned by her enchanting deep smokey eye that I asked her how she did this! She answered that she used eye-primer. Unfortunately, I avoid those items because they are full of silicons and preservatives, both of which my eyes have bad reactions to when heavily applied (for example, I need to use contact lens solution without preservatives, otherwise my eyes turn instantly red!). From now on, I'm taking Replica's alternate suggestion and either put on some powder or nude eye-shadow as a base. It really helped me big time! So, thank you all for helping me out so much and for getting me hooked on this beautiful cause of sharing ideas and little wisdoms xxx

These are my 7 + 2 little sinners...

So far I learned that the shadows can get wet without losing its smooth consistency and that indeed the powders have a creamy feel to them once applied - no messing on my cheeks whatsoever... with an eye-primer, this surely is a perfect product! If you ask me, don't care at all about the eye-glosses :( (please note that the eye-gloss tubes show the earlier first version, the new design can be seen here:

My ultimate question is: What are your eye-shadow secrets? Do you change your application routine depending on whether it's hot/humid or cold/dry? Do you throw out your expired make-up regularly?

A huge thank you for noticing that I'm around, you guys are great!!
Cheers, ur Sam xx

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  1. My secret to using them is not so much a primer (you are right pressed powder is good!) but the application technique. I use a little at a time.

    So... 1. pick up some product to my brush..
    2. tap it or blow on it to make sure no extra bits end up on my cheeks..
    3. then apply it bit by bit so the color is as strong or as weak as i like it.

    For rouge bunny rough I like to use harder brushes.. soft ones don't really do any thing for me. I use brushes like the Elf pro blending brush, mac 231 for the inner corners of my eye (and to put the product on like a liner) or the MAC 213 when i use it as a highlighter under my eyebrows.

    ps. me too hate the eye glosses!!

  2. ah, this could explain why I had problems with the shadows because I've only been using soft brushes...
    as cream eye-shadows need harder synthetic brushes like the small shader brush (mine is benefit's 'talent brush'), I simply assumed: "cream shadow = hard brush" and "soft shadow = soft brush"
    Obviously, I was making that up!!
    You just made my day, Tali, enjoy the rest of your week-end :)