Monday, August 2, 2010

My Benefit Collection - Sneak In!

Hello fellow bloggers,

I am so glad to meet you here! I have been talking to some of you lately and I am super excited about getting to know you through comments and twitter!! I also created a facebook profile, if you prefer to add me there :)
I am just giving you a quick overview on my somewhat large Benefit collection. I have no idea where to start reviewing, so please let me know what your requests are!!
Please note that some of the items have been special editions (like the ever gorgeous Dallas Palette) or were discontinued (such as the excellent Fantasy Mint Wash), so I loaded up on these products before they disappeared from the market! I am happy to hear what catches your interest!

From left to right:
Bum Deal, Fantasy Mint Wash, Honey... Snap Out of It!, She Laq, Bathina-Body So Fine, EyeCon, Bathina powder perfume, Some Kinda Gorgeous, Lipsciption, Dr. Feelgood

From left to right:
Sharpener, Benetint lip balm, Benetint (regular & small-sized), Pocket Pal, Bad Gal Gear, Shimmer Powder (rooby-doo), Creaseless Cream Eye-Shadow/Liner (skinny jeans, strut, birthday suit, stiletto), Silky Finish Lip Stick (skinny dip, rocket pop), Lying Eyes, High Brow, Ooh La Lift, EyeBright, Bad Gal (brown, plum, lash), Bad Gal (kohl, waterproof), The Gloss (kiss me), Her Glossiness (life on the A list, who are you wearing?)

From left to right:
Make-Up Bag (fickle one, a misfit like me), The Weather Girl palette, Hopelessly Devoted to Pink palette, Dallas palette, Blush (dallas, georgia), Realness of Concealness, Big Beautiful Eyes, Ford Fusion (my meter's running, nice ride, curve hugger), Brushes (fantail brush, fluff brush, the talent brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, slant powder brush)

What are your favorite Benefit products and how do you use them?!


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  1. Wow, your collection is great:)

  2. Thanks!! I adore your profile picture :)
    Sam xx

  3. I have a gift card for sephora and I'm really interested in Benefit products. Can you do a 'best of' post? Or, do you have anything you'd really recommend? Thanks so, so much!

  4. Hi Melly, thank you so much for stopping by!! It's a great idea to do a 'best of', why haven't I thought of that myself?!! I'm giving you a quick overview of my most used products, so you don't need to wait:

    - Dallas Blush
    - Bad Gal Lash Mascara (black at night, plum&brown during the day) and Khol Pencil
    - Creaseless Cream Eye Shadows
    - Silky Finish Lip Sticks
    - High Brow
    - Honey, Snap Out of it! Scrub

    I'm using these products like crazy- they're the most reliable beauty products I would recommend getting!! Hope I helped, post's to come :)
    See you, Sam xxx

  5. Thank you, hon xxx I've been planning to do some further reviews on my Benefit products but I keep getting distracted... more to come, though, promised!!