Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Balm - Off to Balm Springs!

Hello lovelys,

did everyone survive Friday, 13th all right?! I hope so! I had a pretty good day, actually, can't complain :)
Before summer hurries completely into autumn, I do my best to keep my warm spirits up! Last year I've been celebrating Thanksgiving with my wonderful friend and her amazing family in Palm Springs, California. We experienced an unforgettable couple of days. When I saw the cute retro-styled Balm Springs palette by The Balm I just got it as the name reminded me of that wonderful experience. I did not have a single look at what was in it at that point!!

When I unwrapped my palette and eye-shadow I collected from the store I was very amazed by the quality of the Overshadows- the sexpot series. Brilliant names (I've got the full sized If you're rich I'm single and the palette contained a mini version of no money, no honey) meet excellent quality!! The shadows are 100% mineral makeup that contain no other ingredients than Mica, Iron Oxides, and Titanium Dioxides - a dream come true! I use those all the time as my sensitive eyes (I wear contacts, too) get itchy and red sometimes by using too many conventional eye-products but not so with these! This is a definite 'yes' for the fab sex pots!! As for the other things in the palette - the Shady Lady shadow in shameless shana, the Pick-up Liner eyeliner in casanova, and the eye-shadow brush I must admit that I don't use them much. The shameless shana shadow works well, stays put and has a subtle sheen to it, so there's no reason to not use it regularly (memo to myself!). The pencil is good quality and the brush's small, both are fine for touch-ups on travels. At home I would use alternative kohls and brushes.

Below is my eye using only the products in the palette, sorry if the colors look too fair in the picture.
for color reference - no money, no honey is the same as Bare Escentuals' queen phillis!

What about you?! Did you buy make-up because of its packaging before? What do you think about the retro style?

Best, Sam xx

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  1. I have a highlight and a blush from the balm. I love the products but wish they had a wider variety of colors. I find them a bit hit or miss for my color skin!!

  2. I totally agree, that's why I mainly stick to the eye-shadows. If I used the blush I'd look like a red traffic light - waaaay too much of a color boost for my fair skin! I don't even tan much in an European summer (need to keep on traveling, lol).
    Have a great week-end, hon!!
    Sam xx