Friday, August 27, 2010

BECCA - Tinted Moisturizer and Mascara

Hey gals,

I hope you are doing good! I started my blog 2 months ago, so I guess I am still a real newbie, lol. If you have any suggestions, please contact me anytime, I am looking forward to receiving your messages - either use the comment box below, or write me on facebook. Alternatively, you can tweet me or check out my youtube channel :) I am geared up for upgrade!

I purchased two cosmetic products by the Australian brand BECCA - the Luminous Skin Colour tinted moisturizer (shade: Camel) and the black Water Resistant Mascara. I spent one year down under and it's been one of the most amazing times in my entire life!! So, when I discovered BECCA, their style reminded me of the Australian summer beaches and the wonderful spirits that exist nowhere else in the world...

An ode to Australia:

Ok, back to make-up... The tinted moisturizer didn't quite meet up to my expectations.
Pro's: I love the fact that it contains SPF and the coverage is beautifully sheer. Also, the bottle holds 50 ml of product, which is more than the usual 30ml. Out of a wide variety of colour choice I'm a Camel, lol (a yellow tone, needless to say).
Con's: The downside is that it mysteriously sits on my skin! It's even worse, logically, when I apply it subsequent to a primer or day-time lotion. The effect is not as strong when I use my fingers to spread the product on my face - but it streaks when I use a foundation brush and all my enlarged pores show, argh! I have no idea why it's behaving that way on my skin :( I typed in the ingredients on but I couldn't find anything exceptional.

On the picture below you can see the sheer colour make-up on my hand. I rubbed it in on the left side and on the right side you can see how it comes out of the pump:

Luckily, I am totally in love with the mascara! It somehow curls your lashes with every stroke which gives it a beautiful finish!! I also typed in the contents on (green substances are considered advisable). One thing I think is unique about the entire BECCA range is the soft feel of the packaging - there is a certain grip to it that makes it feel very sophisticated. I know, this is so subjective!

On my wish-list is a BECCA palette (can't decide for which one, though. They have several in stock on their official web page) and a beach tint (my favorite is the watermelon shade, as far as I can tell from pictures).

What do you think of the brand BECCA? Have you been to Australia or do you come from there even? What are your experiences?! Let me know, babes :)

Sam xxx


  1. Australia is definitely on my list of places to go. And your pictures look so beautiful. I'm sorry that the tinted moisturizer didn't work. I always find that they are either really amazing or totally useless. But I'm glad that the mascara was great. I just looked at the website, and I personally think that the Aurora palette looks pretty; as a bonus, purple is in this season, no?

  2. Hello K,

    you're so right for heading to Oz, I only made the best experiences in this country and the nature is just stunning!! As for the palette, Aurora is my favourite, too, followed by the most recent promotion. Yeah, I so wanted the moisturizer to work for me, darn...
    All the best, Samxxx

  3. My Mum was born in Australia. In fact I can trace my family back to the early settlers in Oz, my GGGG-Grandfather went over there as a principal superintendant to the convicts! So I come from a long line of Aussie's. I have visited and I love it over there. I had intended to go over to study after my degree but met my now husband and the rest is history.

    Anyway, enough ramble! I don't have any BECCA but will be rectifying that shortly. I really want to get one of their creme blushers, possibly amaryllis or turkish rose. Have you seen the new Prairie Moon palette? It looks gorgeous!
    Jane x

  4. Hi,
    I wasn't impressed by the TM, looked like nothing on me. I've not tried the mascara but you have me interested!
    The eyeshadows and lipsticks are quite nice, I really want the fall Prairie Moon palette.

  5. Oh, sucks that the Tinted Moisturizer didn't meet your expectations!
    I have a couple things from Becca and I 'm very pleased with what I have so far! As for the beach tints, they 're great, I have the Grapefruit one (best suited for pale complexions) and I hear Watermelon is lovely too! Their new one, Fig looks great for autumn as well (love how they 're all named after fruit btw, hehe)!


  6. I had heard that the tinted moisturiser wasn't as good as the other products but didn't realise it did that, eep! I love love love the cheek tints or cream blushers in those squeezy tubes, they are my absolute favourite ones and last well on me although I do have dry skin so that helps. I also love their lipgloss, I don't have any right now as I am trying to be good and not buy too much stuff but once I have used a few lipglosses up I will definitely repurchase as they are great quality. Lovely post hunnie x

  7. @ Dear Jane, your family history is SO special and interesting, thank you so much for sharing!! I was longing to visit Australia since high-school and I was loathing the fact that I didn't have any relatives there (which felt like a mean circumstance to me as I've got family members practically all over the world). So, I tried it on my own and it was so worth it!! // I haven't used any of the cream blushers, yet, I think I'm gonna try the beach tints first. As for the prairie palette- it looks all gorgeous!! Zuneta posted a 'how-to' video here:
    It is my favorite along with the aurora one.

    @ Replica: The BECCA TM looks very sophisticated, maybe slightly boring but the feel of the bottles's so soft... gosh, I'm weird! I'm so aware of it, my apologies ;)
    The mascara is great but watch out as there are three kinds of mascaras that look exactly the same! I don't know why but it's true. I've got the 'water resistant' one, there's also a 'water proof' and a 'the ultimate' mascara. // When I saw your screen name it immediately reminded me of the fact that I promised to get the snowberry cleanser and tell you how I liked it. Well, believe it or not, I am in war with my current cleanser as it refuses to run out. Each night I get more out of that bloody tube, it's a nightmare. Next week or the week after it will have to give way for the snowberry one!!

    @ Tina, OMG your comment made me even more excited about those beach tints! I will need to get at least one of them, all three shades you mentioned sound great, truly delicious!! I actually like the fact, too, that you can use them as a lip base under a coat of lip gloss. Need to try this out :)

    @ Sarah, I'm so glad you like my post :) Yes, it would've been useful to listen to the rumors on the poor performance of the moisturizers, argh! I think they even recently reformulated them, maybe they were forced to do so to keep their business running... who knows?! I am so convinced now to get the beach tints! I need to wait a little, though, as I promised myself like you to use up some make-up first before buying new stuff. I've got too much already, some expiry dates are shouting at me: "be quick, use me!" lol ;)

  8. Hi Sam,
    Its always the way when you want to use something up, it seems never ending! I just ordered another Snowberry cleanser the other day, I had tried about 3 different ones recently from other brands but the snowberry is much better, I also ordered their toner so will let you know if thats any good x

  9. Argh, that's so annoying, can't wait to finally try the cleanser!! As far as I remember from the brochure Snowberry uses great home-grown ingredients. They're based in New Zealand, another country besides Australia that just takes my breath away!! (I know, I buy products according to their country of origin - I'm weird like that, oops!) I am so happy that you get along so well with the cleanser and I am very much looking forward to hearing what you have to say on the toner!! Thank you so much! xx

  10. this was a super great post. i think you're doing a good job for having a new blog! :)

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  11. Thank you so much, Cheryl!! It means so much to me that you like my post :-) You've got a great blog, thank you for the giveaway invite!!
    Talk to you again soon!!

  12. Thank you Sam for your comment. It means so much to me. Also it makes me realise how similar we are. I also light candles (at home) and this gesture touched my heart so much and to be honest made me cry

  13. OMG Tali, your words just touched me so much!! You are such a great person, I just know!! I've got tears in my eyes right now... this reply is so incredibly awesome of you!
    I've lighted my dearest candle for you, the one I got from Hawaii. It has this warm soothing scent of pineapple and ginger. I'm sending much love and strength your way - for you and your little baby kitten xxx