Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Lovin' - My Most Influential Bloggers

Hello fellow bloggers,

being a true gypsy means to be a bit unconventional at times. I knew it would be like this when I started my blog cause there is an unpredictable side to my life. Events evolve right in front of my eyes and I need to go with them as they come, that's just the road a gypsy's gotta go...
I deeply apologize for my relatively absence all this while. I know that I am still new to the blogging world and I should've been able to speak to you more frequently but my life turned out to be more than hectic and this won't change too soon. Many of you lovelies make up the reasons why I still try to write as often as possible, so I'd like to dedicate this post to you guys.

Tali was the first blogger that I got to know through the world wide web. Her ongoing love for make-up and all things beautiful made me get in touch with this community. When I first started out she recommended my blog to her followers which made my heart melt!

Supergirl is a true super girl! Her comments brighten up my days and on her blog she has very innovative ideas. She always takes the time to write her posts bilingual, that is so great!
Roshas is a very beautiful and cute person! I love her personality and her weight loss tips helped me out big time. I'm gonna write a post on my eating regime and how important optimism is in order to change bad habits. That is totally inspired by her suggestions!

is such a doll! She has an absolutely adorable style and works out every day by herself to keep fit and healthy. I think she's gonna be a total role model for a lot of young women. Keep on going, hon!

Miranda is a supermodel with a twist: she is very modest and believes that everybody is beautiful and precious. She knows no exception from this rule and speaks openly to anyone. Her health blog is an example of how many great people share their wisdoms with others.

Replica is a wonderful blogger! I love her preference for brands that are not commonly known but of very high-quality such as RBR or Snowberry. She always takes pictures of the ingredients list, I could hug her for doing that :) She is the first person I ever talked to on a blog and asked for advice (just before Tali)!
Tina is a very mature young woman from Greece. I adore her for always finding the right words and I can tell that she is a 100% honest in every word she says. She deserves all the attention that she is getting!

Mushine has a wonderful innovative blog. She crafts so many things that it is delightful to see what she comes up with. She is beautiful inside and out and this shows in everything she does!
Modesty Brown is a chemist and along with her scientific background she is very kind to everyone who comments or poses questions to her. You can really rely on her which is great!

Grace has a lovely blog and her flawless skin has been praised by famous people like Edward Bess! I like to read through her posts, old and new!
"Fantastic" :) I hardly ever seen a beautiful woman such as this one and her blog is a retreat! She is a model and knows to have little time on her hands but when she does post it's delightful!

.... the list goes on!

These wonderful girls are just a few!! I met many more since I started 6 months ago and I only made the most positive experiences! I thank you all for the warm words and attention that I have received!

I have new ideas for upcoming posts, mostly on health and exercise rather than make-up as my life is changing substantially at the moment. I am also gonna have a blog sale coming up, too.
So, please bear with me to make this a fun place to hang out! Without you, guys, this is just another page in the endless www. universe. Let's fill this place with light and laughter :-)

So long,
ur gypsy Sam xx


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  2. You know I will always support your blog hon! We have very similar tastes.. obviously Im gonna keep reading! xx

  3. You're such a sweetheart, your kind words made me cry!! I am saving up for getting KORA organics, I know that it'll be right for me cause your skin likes the products, too :) Bless you always xx

  4. Gosh... Thank you so much, Sam! You make my heart melt:) It is always so good to know, that someone like your blog:) Thank you from all my heart and I wish good luck to you:)

    Ps. Tali blog is one of my favorite too:)

    Best wishes:)

  5. The pleasure is all mine, sweetheart! So glad we can share so much through our blogs :-)
    Love always, ur Sam xx

  6. Hi Sam,
    What a lovely post, thanks so much for the mention :) It is difficult keeping up with doing posts when life gets busy, I hope things get a little bit more calmer for you soon x

  7. aww sam you're sooo soo soo sweet :) :) thank you for mentioning me :) can't wait to see your new posts xxx

  8. That's such a lovely post. Thank you so much for mentioning me. I hope you're keeping well :)
    Jane x

  9. Dear Replica, thank you so much for being so considerate! I am longing for calmer days, I can tell you :-)

    Hey Roshas, how are you doing, hon? Yeah, I hope I will get the time soon to put up the posts I planned in my head!

    Hi Jane, I am fine, thank you! I am just a bit overloaded with so much stuff going on. However, I am still there and still following you great people!

    Much love to y'all!! xx

  10. this is sooo sweet! please forgive me for not seeing it earlier :) thank you xx and also thank you for new recommendations!

  11. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! You are most welcome, hon, your blog's such a wonderful read :-)